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    I see people are already being creative with skinpacks.

    Now I can use a variety support beams, trusses, heavy cannons and model variants that fit in the base game! I can't wait to see all of the amazing blocks and weaponry I'll be able to use in the next few months!
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    Whilst selected, click and drag on a gear to another one to connect the two gears with chains, note that these two gears have to be on the same axi in order for this to work. Chained up gears will transmit movement directly instead of reversing it like gears normally do, the chains will break...
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    Right wheels faster than left wheels.

    I've been having this bug for a couple of updates but I never thought of reporting it before. Whenever I have a creation with wheels, wheels and the "Steering" blocks on the right side of my creation are always faster rotating at a greater speed than the left ones. This is really frustrating...
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    More dangerous terrain elements.

    It'd be nice to have obstacles more than mines when navigating across certain maps. For example, some could have bridges over cliffs that crumble when too much weight is applied on them. There could also be rapids that make your vehicle get trapped in its current once in it. Patches of grass...
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    Why are simulations so different from eachother?

    The physics seem like they change everytime I restart the simulation. Because of that I can't make a proper mortar cannon because sometimes the rocket just falls flat down, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it just flies straight in the air and all of this happens within the same ballast...
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    Steam workshop contribution agreement?

    I reinstalled the game after having to reformat my pc and now when I try to publish a vehicle to the workshop it tells me "You need to sign the steam workshop contribution agreement" or something like that.
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    A cannon that shoots AoE electric poles.

    The Tesla cannon, as it could be called, would shoot poles that would plant into the ground, rock or even walls. Once planted, the pole covered in copper wire and resistors, would electrocute any enemy from a 1 to 5 meters range from it (Adjusted with slider), wich would kill them. Counting as a...
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    Blocks that unlock when beating levels.

    So I think the game is too easy from the start off since you get to use whatever you want with the only restriciton being the size box. Beating levels would be more rewarding if it was required to use certain blocks. What I propose is that every time you enter a fith (5,10,15,etc...) level, you...
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    How do I make proper tank tracks?

    The turning is always choppy and theres always loose on the track so the tank always bumps on itself like it would on a road bump.
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    Enemy suggestions.

    Gonna have to rewrite everything because the server crashed for some reason and I lost all of my work. Anyways, I think there should be more than just knights and angry peasants in the next island. They would add more challenge and machine variety. Mages Mages would look like hooded...
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    The human potato masher!

    I'm not good at doing complex things in this game but can still do some neat gore-fest machines :) Controls: Shift to open the trap, control to close it. Don't hesitate to crush the plows themselves on the saw if you got invinicibility on! Screenshots: Workshop...
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    [Suggestion] Dismemberment and impalement mod

    I was wondering if it was possible to make a mod that cuts npc's in half when they come in contact with a saw or get crushed between a plow and a wall. Being impaled on spikes and drills would also be cool.
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    Using water cannons to wash off blood and explosion traces.

    I think it would be a neat addition! :D
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    I`ve tried everything to make a biped...

    Hinges, pistons, (antagonist) muscle pairs, suspensions, nothing of it works...
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    Cannon Satellite

    Keep in mind that I consider myself a noob at this game, but this might change my thoughts. What do you think?