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  1. kalso_

    Can I somehow bypass the security restrictions on the modloader?

    So I would like to get some of the old mods working but the modloader prevents them from loading due to System.Reflection. Can I somehow bypass that restriction?
  2. kalso_

    An issue with the 0.7 modloader regarding some of the pre-Workshop mods

    There appears to be an issue regarding the new modloader. Many of the older mods, that were not distributed on Workshop, use the features and libraries that the new modloader doesn't allow, such as System.Reflection. Of course, when mod usage has become more mainstream, security is a concern...
  3. kalso_

    Sniper (No recoil!) + Sniper-flamethrower-thingy!

    (Also in Steam Workshop) I just got and idea to build a very accurate sniper-cannon-thingy and here it is! IMPORTANT: The lock (X) needs to be attached always when firing the cannon or it'll break! Instructions: Press Z once Press X once to release the cannon Aim with WASD (Press left shift to...
  4. kalso_

    B-29 "Superfortress" (With cockpit!)

    (Also in Steam workshop) You need also these: