1. Schadenfreude

    Steam Piston Logic - How?

    Hey! I have a vehicle which uses steam cannons to drive pistons up, which eventually rotates a gear which turns a wheel. However, I'm having trouble getting logic to do the work of controlling the steam cannons. The nearest thing to working seemed to be a motion sensor telling the steam cannons...
  2. Ross

    Weaponized Unicycle!

    You'd be surprised at how much havoc you can wreak on one wheel! Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2176891948 Video:

    Respawn on machine take damage doesnt work when being damagedwhile respawning.

    Hope the tittle is clear enough. I had set up a king of the hill game with traps and what I found was that when a machine takes damage while "respawning", the healt bar wil not work anymore and the machine will not respawn on "on take damage" anymore. Then the machine can be totally destroyed...

    Button blocks and simple logic blocks

    I would like to see something like a button block (or preasure block) and logicblocks in besiege. Button block: a placable button block which can be pressed by anything with mass and then have that button activate things like wheels, hinges, spinning blocks. And then instead of binding to...
  5. ITR

    NoteMod 2

    A lot of thanks to AvarethTaika for providing sounds, StuChris for providing models+textures for the Logic Block and the NoteBlock, and Eriyo2000 for additional input on models! NB: Needs more stuff! Post below or message me on Discord if you wanna help! This mod allows you to create...