[1-8P] Mario Kart Track Series 1


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Play Mario Kart in Besiege!
Three courses are available with karts are also included in the map.

1. Frappe Snowland - Mario Kart 64 Track

This is Frappe Snowland based on its NDS remake. While it's the least accurate rendition (no yoshi ice statue and the mountains is random) it's the most fun as you can go offroad and do shortcuts. Don't cut through the mountains or you will miss the checkpoints.

Download Frappe Snowland from workshop!

2. Mario Circuit 2 - Super Mario Kart Track

This is Mario Circuit 2 based on its 3DS remake. Pickups are accurately placed and the coins are replaced with small boosts. The last jump needs skill or your kart will be upside down and there's no Lakitu to save you. If you respawn after the jump, no checkpoint will be missed and you can continue racing.

Download Mario Circuit 2 from workshop!

3. Rainbow Road - Super Mario Kart Track

This is the original Rainbow Road. This accurately scaled rainbow road has Thwomp and the pitfall is extra dangerous because you spawned in the start if you fall. If you fall, you can only respawn at the start.

Download Rainbow Road from workshop!

Kart Controls --
  • Movement: Arrow keys
  • Boost: X
  • Fire: C
  • Camera: F
  • Respawn: Enter