Besiege Sahelanthropus (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

For the last 1 year, some people have been requesting this Mech for many times, since I start building Metal Gear inspired Mechs, But now it's finally here, The legendary "Sahelanthropus" from the Kojima game "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" Which is the best game in 2015, I know it's kinda ridiculous because instead of the Gray color with a skull logo in face, I use instead Khaki color because I'm kinda lazy to make another skin and here's another problem Since it was a quite big creation its grabbers always pops-out itself but you could still walk pretty well, So try to use Invincibility mode for this because it's heavy, and also you could notice some missing details of it that I really forgot to add because I wasn't always paying attention, also it was lack of weaponry, it only equipped with flamethrower, Dual Crossbow machine guns, and an x8,65 Cannon, and it was lack on articulations which you can only walk and transform that's it, Sorry for disappointing on you guys because of its ridiculous features because that's only what I've got, But the importance of it was I did my best of making the mech and still this is the best creation I've made.


  • N, M - Walk
  • Left & Right Arrow keys - Yaw
  • < , > - Mouth
  • Left & Right Bracket/Right Quote, Back Slash - Turret
  • Minus, Plus keys - Transform
  • C - Rail gun
  • V - Dual Crossbow Machine guns
  • Enter - Flamethrower