Get your free Profile Banners Signatures (closed for now)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussions' started by Newentity, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. FBSoldier

    FBSoldier New Member

    Thanks a lot! See you next year :)
  2. Newentity

    Newentity New Member








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  3. Newentity

    Newentity New Member

  4. Falloree

    Falloree New Member

    So you're back? If it's not too much of a bother, I would like one too.

    Color of banner: Darkish red
    Image: A simplified version of my current knight guy
    Distressed: No
    Color of Image: White
  5. Neutex

    Neutex Member



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  6. Navinate

    Navinate New Member

    I know this is closed, but if its ever open again:

    Colour of banner: Lime Green
    Image: An "N"
    Distressed: Yes
    Colour of image: white
    Extra details: The "N" looks like it was cut by a sword slash

    Thanks for your work to the community Newentity!
  7. HaxGamerr

    HaxGamerr New Member

    Could someone make one for me?
    Colour of banner: Forest Green
    Colour of image: Black with red eyes
    Extra details: Thanks in advance, possibly!
  8. Shoe_Eater

    Shoe_Eater Member

    Profile picture

    Colour of banner: blue(s)
    Image: cat in a shoe
    Distressed: Yes/No
    Colour of image: green(s)
    Extra details:
  9. the red glow

    the red glow New Member

    thank you neutex finelly i can write here

    VERTIGO Member

    Please make one for me if its open again

    Colour of banner: cyan(s)
    Image: ak-47 with gear
    Distressed: no
    Color of image: white(s)

    Sorry if it kind of copying someone banner,
    I've run out of idea about banner
  11. TheSwedishEngineer

    TheSwedishEngineer New Member

    Plz when you come back or some1 i would like a profile pic

    Colour: The swedish flag like fnom
    image:[​IMG] [​IMG] a mix between these 2 with the wrench in the middle and nut around it
    distressed: Yes
    colour of image:Black

    Also Newentity your work is awesome
  12. Colour of banner: Jet Black
    Image:Regular Banner with a Helicopter in the middle, and a cog around it please.
    Distressed: No
    Colour of image: helicopter is white, cog is darkish grey, in the middle of jet black and white.
    Extra details:

    Signature The Spooder Engineer

    size: Enough to fit a discord profile picture and the spiderling profile picture.
    Image:already stated
    Text: it should say Yee right above the Cog that is around the helicopter
    Extra Details: none

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