spaar's Mod Loader (1.7.1) [Besiege v0.45a]

Discussion in 'Besiege: Modding' started by spaar, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. brutusml

    brutusml New Member

    will there be any new mod(loader) released soon? for version 0.60.
  2. spaar

    spaar Member

  3. IAmRulos

    IAmRulos New Member

    When does it come for 0.6??? Please answer!
  4. Skyraider

    Skyraider New Member

    the modders are not required to update their mods, they do it just for contributing to the gaming community.

    even so it would be interesting to know if it is a question only of time and work, or on the contrary, there is an obstacle that prevents updating it by making any effort somewhat useless.
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  5. spaar

    spaar Member

    It is a matter of time, you will get your mods back eventually, don't worry :) I can't really say when it will come though.
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  6. Ubus

    Ubus Member

    I dont know if your that far jet, but are you going to include multiplayer Mod support?

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