TBE Bipedal Walker Leg Mechanism EXPLAINED

In case you were wondering how my latest creation, Theta, walks, I am here to explain how!

PART 1: knees and waist joints
I tried as best I could to emulate how a human ligament-muscle system of movement works using a simple hinge-piston-brace system.

As you can see, there is a hinge-piston-brace (HPB) system at each joint. When not moving, they support the weight of the machine using their spring-like properties, and just stay still.

When pressing either [LeftArrowKey] or [RightArrowKey], the corresponding pistons will contract, like muscles and ligaments. In this leg's case, [RightArrowKey] causes forward motion and [LeftArrowKey] causes slight backward motion:


PART 2: feet
My custom foot design is also based off of the performance of a real foot: provide balance for the body. The way it does this? The base of the foot is a ball joint, and on each corner of the ball joint, there is a small suspension block with its own ball joint connecting it to the calf. This makes it so that the ball joint can still move, but with heavy resistance and return-to-position functionality. This keeps the mech standing upright while allowing for slight terrain crossing capability, and ability to deal with rough landings.
Range of movement:




I hope this helps any aspiring mech makers! I came up with these on my own, which means that any of you can comeup with better, so keep trying till you can annihilate the besiege world!