should the Withered King recieve a Theta variant?

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This is Queen Wynnfrith's response to the slaughter of her knights; the uberknight:
Theta was created using magical yet crude technology found under the ruins of the Old Howl Battlefield. The tech allowed for the creation of a magical guardian that could only be powered by the lifeforce of her remaining soldiers, who were put into the cockpit. Most soldiers, however, are too weak, and die after a swing of Theta's halberd, Iota, while some soldiers may have the strength to endure and fight for their home. As the Theta technology has such potential, it is sought after by Duke Aras and the Withered King. Wynnfrith has her engineers working on a Theta variant suitable for Tolbrynian soldiers named Lambda, which will be equipped with the sword Kappa and the shield Mu. The Withered King, however, is unable to reach the Isles of Ipsilon because of the ongoing fight with you, the player, and has not been able to request a variant.

[Left Arrow Key],[Right Arrow Key] (alternating): walk
[T],[G]: swing the halberd, Iota, and the shield, Eta
[0],[.] (keypad): open and close cockpit. if soldier is too weak and dies, substitute him with a new one.

Mechanism EXPLAINED!


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lovely and simple
good backstory

i hope there will be boss batles of sorts in the new updates that need a strategy to destroy and not just a bomb launcher